Planning The timing for Your wedding day

Here I will make suggestions about how much time I would normally schedule for each part of your wedding day to help you when booking times for your ceremony  and reception.  These times can fluctuate depending on the size of the bridal party and travel distances.

I would allocate as follows:

1 hour Groom - pre ceremony.


1.5 hours Bride -pre ceremony


1.5 hours Ceremony, guests congratulations and Family Photos.


1.5 hours Photo Location/s




If I started at 12 noon and you wanted the traditional cutting of the cake, the speeches and the first dance covered generally the first dance kicks off after the speeches around 9pm.  These times are by no means set in stone and the order of the events are very traditional. Parts can be omitted or added. There's no one way to celebrate your wedding day.  Some couples like to see each other before they walk down the isle, it's  a very private and quiet way of being with each other before the ceremony and festivities begin. Also breaking into your first dance on your entrance to your reception is another way to mix it up, this way your can showcase all your dance moves and gets your guests on the dance floor to start the night off with a bang.


Best time of the day for Photographs

I will make the most of any light at any time of the the day,  however the most complimentary light of choice is around sunset and just after.  evening in and around summer it makes it e. If it's not possible to arrange your photos to coincide with the sunset there's always the option to head out of your reception for 15 mins to catch a bit of that perfect light.