Wedding Books Rock !! Coffee table book wedding albums

If your eyes are wasted from too much screen time then get a Book ! These books feel so good in the hand, the texture, the weight, even the smell of the paper makes the experience of looking at your wedding pictures so much more pleasurable than hanging over a computer screen. This book has album quality without the precious, expensive personality. Kind'a like the family house with 2 dining rooms. The fancy room, the dusty one with all the expensive crystal and silver ware - for very special occasions only- is the Wedding album and the everyday dining room where you hang out the most - the well designed practical room- is the Coffee table book. Well used, well loved and experienced much more often. 

These Books can house up to *240 pages, that's around *300 images !!!  complimenting brilliantly the photojournalistic style of wedding photography allowing so much more of your story to be printed on this beautiful media. Professionally designed timeless page layouts will never date and at a quarter of the price of your average Album it makes great sense to the wallet too. 

**Special deal for the next 10 orders - Buy one beautiful book and get another for half price.   

* Page and image amount reflects the duration of the wedding

** Books are exact copies of each other.