Veronica + Michael ~ UWA Photo location & Duxton hotel wedding

Michael and Veronica are finally together for good. Mike's career took him over to the Netherlands for 3 years and now London where he's spent the last year. They have been seeing each other every 6 months during this time and kept in each other's minds with a constant flow of letters, emails and Skype. Veronica is classically trained in opera and has traveled to Italy and New York to further her experience and craft. She also studied at Uni. and now a Pharmacist has put her singing career on hold until the next chapter. Their wedding day was very lively, plenty of laughs and  family sharing in the experience. They chose the family church in Willeton and UWA for photos where Mike had studied. The “Giants” were in the city so we hit the streets outside the Duxton where they had their reception to share in the carnival atmosphere. 

On their honeymoon they became heroes. Deciding to go for a swim they ventured down to their Singaporean hotel pool to cool off. What they found was totally unexpected. A young girl was waving her arms in distress prompting Veronica to find out what the fuss was about. A man lay face down at the bottom of the pool, motionless.

By this time Michael had caught on and dived in resurfacing the body from 2.5 meters. A barman jumped out from his post to help Mike drag him out of the pool Veronica realized how blue he was, not breathing and no pulse.  She cleared his airways and was about to proceed when the barman took over the reigns. After 6 compressions he coughed up heaps of water and the team managed to bring the man back to life. His wife and two children should be very, very happy that Mike and Veronica decided to have their honeymoon at that hotel  Amazing story guys well done.!!

These are just a few images from their beautiful wedding day.