Ali + Gareth's beautiful Leederville town hall wedding.

Featured In Hello May

Despite the fact it was sunny all week leading up to their wedding an ensuing forecast of heavy rain and  thunderstorms didn't bother these guys in the least. They moved the ceremony from the park to the town hall in the morning, organized a few umbrellas and carried on business as usual.

I have known these two creative individuals for many years and was absolutely stoked when they asked me to photograph their wedding day.  I suspected they were going to be fairly hands on but had no idea as to the lengths both Ali and Gareth went to personalize every detail. Gareth said they wanted to do all the name tags by hand so they had spent some time on each guest's experience at the reception. Their friends and  family had travelled great distances to be there and many of them helped set up the reception, source suppliers  and all kinds of bits and pieces.  In return Ali and Gareth wanted to give each guest something unique and  personally handmade by them to show their appreciation.  Plus as Gareth said "it's pretty fun just hand  painting stuff!..."  He also designed and painted all the wood signage!!!!

There were a few inserts into the wedding vows as well... "Will you Ali please at least once take your dinner plate back to the sink when you finished with it” was one that got plenty of laughs. The day seemed to unfold perfectly; everything just fell into place.  You could tell everyone was close and that the most important thing to Ali and Gareth was having their family and friends come together to help celebrate this awesomely special day.  Bravo guys!


Congratulations guys twas a wonderful day!