I was invited by my good friend and photographer Yane Sotiroski to assist in photographing the Pinctada Cable Beach Polo in Broome.  Three days of beautiful weather and a heap of fun capturing the event with good mates Yane and Matty B.

On day three busily covering a fashion show, Polo match and the social scene I get a text from Matty B saying that Vogue Australia wanted an image for a story. A story about Kira Fong who started up a professional development program run by Goolarri Media that gives Western Australia’s young indigenous girls the chance to be models. Vogue haven't run the story but there's a great article about Kira and the program here...Kimberley Girls.

I had about 10 minutes to organise and shoot the image before the next Polo match started. Two of the stunning models were getting prepared.  The brief was; model, horse and stockman.

After Ian ( a brilliant horseman and future model if I may say )  agreed to be apart of the shoot, we corralled a horse being prepared for the next match and we were set with 5 minutes to go.

The decided location was about 400 meters away and with little time started to shoot the stunning girls whilst jogging backwards.  We had no location lighting as such but we had an armed Matty B,  the roaming articulated light stand with two off Canon camera speedlites.

Ian came thundering down on horseback to the location and I knew we only had a couple of minutes left before the next Polo match was to start. I tried with two models and horse but didn't have enough lighting or time so we streamlined down to one model. Ian is a natural, cool and in control. It took a few frames before the model got comfortable close to the horse and for the horse to show his best profile :)