Vic + Adam ~ Boat Shed & Scented Gardens - South Perth wedding

With Adams' family over from the UK for the wedding what better back drop could you ask for to show case the City of Perth. Starting out with the ceremony at the Scented Gardens in South Perth we ventured for a quick walk to the Mends street Jetty where the bridal party were told they get to chill out on a beautiful antique boat~ Vlaming~ cruising around the Swan river for an hour sipping champagne, needless to say they were all pretty stoked...the cool breeze from the Swan River was welcomed,  and after a few bottles of champers later we disembarked right in front of the  Boat Shed Restaurant  in South Perth where they wined, dined and partied while the sunset reflected over the Perth City Skyline. 


Victoria looked stunning in a Beautiful dress by Maggie Sottero

Bridesmaids by Adrianna Pappel

Adam suit MJ Bale

Flowers Poppy's flowers Nedlands

Pie Brighton Bakery

Georgia + Damian Vasse Felix Winery

The ceremony was moved inside at the last minute, the hope for a 20 minute dry spell was granted for a few photos in the vineyards and a quick power session of family photos. The rain was never going to dampen the celebrations on this wedding day though, The delicious food, the extremely drinkable Vasse felix wines, the venue and the fresh clean air of Margaret River is a unbeatable combination for a bl*#*y great day. I take my hat off to Georgia and Damian, they made it look so easy with their 3 beautiful children... how insanely special is that...your wedding day photos with your children.  !!! 

I've but decided to bias this post towards Black and white from a Tuxedo perspective.

Also a shout out to Sammi, my over qualified assistant for the day... 


Aleece + Rhys ~ Penrhos Collage & Royal Perth Yacht Club Wedding

Instead of driving down the freeway to their reception Aleece and Rhys took the cruisy option. -  52 foot power boat. The day was perfect for a journey across the Swan River diverting briefly for a panoramic view of the city.  Aleece looked amazing, and the groomsmen - all Rhys's brothers kept us well entertained throughout the day.

I had a ball documenting your wedding guys so a massive thanks to you both. Pretty sure you'll be living it up on your trip around N.Zed... Lucky.... !

Wedding Books Rock !! Coffee table book wedding albums

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These Books can house up to *240 pages, that's around *300 images !!!  complimenting brilliantly the photojournalistic style of wedding photography allowing so much more of your story to be printed on this beautiful media. Professionally designed timeless page layouts will never date and at a quarter of the price of your average Album it makes great sense to the wallet too. 

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Emily + Thomas~ Intimate wedding in Belmont

Emily and Tom were getting married later this year but plans were brought forward due to personal reasons. The wedding was organised within a few weeks. Emily with the help of her grandmother made her wedding dress. The ceremony was at their local church in Belmont and had their reception lunch gathering in the hall next door. I have photographed a Full-Mass Catholic Wedding before but this had all the frills. The intimate ornate church filled with incense, the hauntingly beautiful voices of the choir sang for 90 minutes and the entire ceremony was spoken in Latin. It felt like I'd been transported back to the middle ages. After the reception we headed out for photos to a couple of locations nearby and then back to the church for one last shot.

Here's a few images from their day... 

Simone + Ryan ~ Engagement session in the Perth Hills.

I had the pleasure of spending a little time with these guys on Sunday. Ryan used to hang out around these parts when he was a little tacker so when I mentioned I was thinking about a location in the hills somewhere it made perfect sense to photograph their pre wedding photos here. Prior to meeting up they had lunch and a cheeky pint at the local pub where they watched the Dockers struggle to make any contest of the game. That loss was easily made up by perfect conditions laid on for us that evening, it was so still, so quiet and not an ounce of wind...we had the hill all to ourselves. Here's just a sample of images from that shoot with Simone and Ryan.

Bridgitte + Damien ~ Cottesloe civic centre & Indiana Tea Room Wedding

What an awesomely relaxed and intimate wedding this was! Bridgitte and Damien had their ceremony at Cottesloe civic Centre the same place Damien's parents had their reception when they were married. There was a Yoga music gathering in the hall the night before so the energy in the room was well cleansed for the ceremony the following day.  Originally from Perth Damien used to spend a lot of his younger days around Fremantle and on the beaches of Leighton and Cottesloe.  Brigitte’s family are from East Africa and made the move to Canada when she was 4. After University Bridgitte made a huge career move to Perth in 2008 then to Melbourne a few years later where they both met. Brigitte’s family made their way from Canada for the wedding, her dad- Raul had to stay behind for health reasons but had an emotional catch up at the reception via Skype. Indiana was the perfect place to compliment their wedding in Cottesloe, the view, the decor the light westerly sea breeze and the delicous food and wine that flowed all night. These are a few images from that stunning day...  

Earlier,  Damien and Bridgitte prepare for the day ahead. 

Head On Photo Festival - Semi Finalist

When I saw Pete outside his coastal holiday shack, he looked so content. He seemed to have everything he needed and made life look very uncomplicated. Judging by this picture could Pete be anywhere else but Australia...? 

This was a couple of years ago and upon entering  the 2015 HeadOn Photo festival in Sydney this year it was received along side others as a semi finalist -quiet fist bump -  The image will be screened along side the Portrait Finalists from the 2nd of May to the 8th of June in the Museum of Sydney. Looking at the HeadOn website there are some fantastic exhibitions and talks with some amazing photographers. Good time to be in Sydney.

Heart of The Nation - The Weekend Australian Magazine

Ross Bilton from The Weekend Australian called me a few weeks ago and asked if he could run James' story and use the image as part of the Heart of the Nation series they are running in their Weekend Magazine. It was all the more an honor to be published in the Anzac Weekend edition. This image is now in the National Portrait Gallery in Canberra, a finalist from the 2015 National Portrait Gallery prize where it hangs with 44 other Photographic portraits.

I would like to extend a massive thanks to James and his family for sharing his story and perhaps inspiring others to follow his lead. 


Phase One IQ280 Play date

Had a chance to try out the Phase One IQ280 the other day thanks to Trevor at Team DigitalThis camera is as good as it gets in terms of file size and quality. I've been using a Canon Kit for 15 years now and it serves my purpose very well but what I have in mind for a particular project requires a much bigger print. I hand held the Phase One for all my shots knowing perfectly well that a tripod was the way to go. There's no doubt that the detail and dynamic range of the images produced by this camera are second to none but I would need a few more weeks or months of play time with this machine to do it any justice.

Here are two images from that play date

Veronica + Michael ~ UWA Photo location & Duxton hotel wedding

Michael and Veronica are finally together for good. Mike's career took him over to the Netherlands for 3 years and now London where he's spent the last year. They have been seeing each other every 6 months during this time and kept in each other's minds with a constant flow of letters, emails and Skype. Veronica is classically trained in opera and has traveled to Italy and New York to further her experience and craft. She also studied at Uni. and now a Pharmacist has put her singing career on hold until the next chapter. Their wedding day was very lively, plenty of laughs and  family sharing in the experience. They chose the family church in Willeton and UWA for photos where Mike had studied. The “Giants” were in the city so we hit the streets outside the Duxton where they had their reception to share in the carnival atmosphere. 

On their honeymoon they became heroes. Deciding to go for a swim they ventured down to their Singaporean hotel pool to cool off. What they found was totally unexpected. A young girl was waving her arms in distress prompting Veronica to find out what the fuss was about. A man lay face down at the bottom of the pool, motionless.

By this time Michael had caught on and dived in resurfacing the body from 2.5 meters. A barman jumped out from his post to help Mike drag him out of the pool Veronica realized how blue he was, not breathing and no pulse.  She cleared his airways and was about to proceed when the barman took over the reigns. After 6 compressions he coughed up heaps of water and the team managed to bring the man back to life. His wife and two children should be very, very happy that Mike and Veronica decided to have their honeymoon at that hotel  Amazing story guys well done.!!

These are just a few images from their beautiful wedding day. 

Dr Angus Turner and his outback team

I'm heading over to Canberra tomorrow . I have a few little tidy up jobs to do before I leave. I was cleaning out the Guinea pig hutch this morning - we use newspaper underneath the straw -  and noticed an image from the West Australian I had taken a while back . Dr Angus Turner has been announced as the 40under40 winner for his life changing services he provides to outback communities. I had the pleasure of hanging out with Angus and his wonderful team photographing them at work In Hedland and Jigalong. Congratulations to a very inspiring and generous man. For more information about Angus and his team go to 

Source: Alan McDonald photojournalism

Storm + Beach + Izzy + Rue De Seine

Of all the evenings to choose. We ended up deciding on the 3rd of February to do a little collaboration between Through the White door, bridal gowns, dress Sadi from Rue De Seine,  Ruby Tree Creative,  flowers,  Violet Pilot, jewellery and the very patient Izzy Smith model. That night a mighty storm was brewing and prevented us from using the location we had planned. We didn't want to go home empty handed though so we raced to Port Beach to use the last 15 minutes of rainy light. As you can see Izzy did an awesome job contending with the unrelenting wind.  Here are just a few images from the shoot. You can check out a few more images featured on the NOUBA blog. 

Bridgitte + Damien - casual & relaxed.

Organising a wedding is big feat... doing it from another State definitely adds to the challenge. 

Back in Perth for a couple of days to see family and finalise a few things for their upcoming Cottesloe wedding in March. I caught up with the very relaxed Damien & Bridgitte to chat about last minute things and to get them in front of the camera before they flew back home to Melbourne. After the brief photo session and seeing the photos we are all a little excited about the big day.

These are a few photos from the session.