Wedding Photography & Photojournalism

Wedding photojournalism is a photographic approach, with key objectives in documenting a personal visual narrative of your wedding day.  Rather than posing,  a photographer will let the events unfold without intervention capturing genuine moments and real interactions as they unfold. A good grounding in composition, light, and a keen sense of what is happening or about to happen are some attributes necessary for a great wedding photojournalist. When the photojournalistic approach is applied, all weddings regardless of style - vintage, cottage garden, classic or modern - to name a few can be captured authentically.


Wedding Photography & fine art.

The term Fine Art Photography has different meanings to different people.  This is a creative approach to wedding photography. My interpretation is Fine Art photographers use the available light, form, colour and other elements to direct something extra to the image. Strong graphic elements, hard light or shadow, scale and repetition are just some of the visual tools a Fine Art photographer might use to add a creative impression to the photographs. Wedding images that have been photographed from this perspective in many cases can be stand-alone images, enlarged and printed as a piece of art Postproduction techniques can also add to the photographer’s fine art wedding images by the manipulation of colour, contrast the use of black and white and other editing techniques.






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